Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Post-surgical or post-op rehab is treatment following surgery in order to restore mobility, increase strength and improve function.

At The Physio Company Glasgow, our physiotherapists are very experienced in dealing with post operative rehabilitation, specialising in the field of orthopedics. Early quality post-op rehab is essential for maximising recovery after your surgery ensuring you get the best outcome possible.

  • $Effective management of pain
  • $Efficiently helping return to activities of daily living
  • $Improving confidence and reducing anxieties
  • $Increasing muscle strength and length & improving joint range of motion
  • $Improve balance and coordination
  • $Gait re-education
  • $Regaining independence
  • $Returning to sport

Our therapists have vast amounts of anatomy knowledge and experience in sports and deep tissue massage providing you with an exceptional service specifically tailored to your needs.

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